Can You Have A Dental Implant Placed Immediately After Tooth Extraction?

2 December 2020
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A dental implant is the best possible tooth replacement option for a lost or extracted tooth. But if you are about to have a tooth extracted, you're probably wondering just how long you have to wait before you can have your dental implant placed. The waiting time depends on several factors. You Could Have a Dental Implant Placed the Same Day If your extraction is a simple one, with no other complications, then you can opt to have a dental implant placed immediately after your tooth extraction. Read More 

How To Care For Your Dental Implants

20 October 2020
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A common misconception exists that dental implants cannot decay, therefore they do not have to be cleaned. Do not let these misconceptions fool you. You still need to take care of these implants even if they cannot get cavities. Do you have questions about dental implant care? This is what you need to know. Cleanings Make Your Implants Last Longer Your implants will last longer if you keep them clean and prevent the spread of bacteria and plaque through your mouth. Read More